Formula Renault Eurocup

First launched in 1971, the Formula Renault is one of the reference championships on the way to Formula 1. Taking place around European F1 circuits, the Formula Renault Eurocup championship is organised by Renault Sport Racing which also provides technical support to all teams.

Over the years, the championship has proved to be true reference in single-seaters, with 70% of current F1 drivers having raced in Formula Renault. Some former champions might include Valtteri Bottas, Pierre Gasly or Lando Norris.

From the age of 16, the drivers in the Formula Renault Eurocup face each other in a competitive environment in which they will learn how to handle the pressure of competition while getting the most of their single-seater.



over 10 different circuits in Europe and Abu Dhabi.


Test Days

no private testing is allowed during the season for the drivers involved in the championship.

Typical Schedule


Free Practice 1 (30-45′)

Free Practice 2 (30-45′)


Qualifying Session 1 (15′)

Race 1 (30′ + 1 lap)


Qualifying Session 2 (15”)

Race 2 (30′ + 1 lap)

The Monaco Grand Prix

Since 2016, the Formula Renault Eurocup takes part in the most prestigious race of the Formula One calendar: the Monaco Grand Prix. This gives a unique opportunity for Formula Renault drivers to shine in front of the F1 paddock and a worldwide audience.
The Monaco Grand Prix is the only street-race in the Formula Renault Eurocup calendar, giving a real challenge for these young drivers who sometimes discover street racing during this occasion.